Hello World 

This should have been the first post but it wasn’t because I was anxious and I hate introductions because I suck at them. Here goes nothing :

I’m Zorbari, 19 years old and my birthday is 25th August. I am currently in the university studying(or pretending to study) Human Anatomy which is an absolutely amazing field but I hate it and can’t wait till I’m done(soon).

I love writing, it is one of the things that has helped me stay relatively sane all this years. I write about mental health issues and eating disorders and the things that affect me from time to time. I love books -poetry books, writing pads, crime and romance novels(occasionally I read about vampires and werewolves and fairies, lol). I also enjoy tv series about crime. 

I like cameras and photography, I like taking photos of people and random things that attract me. I never know how to act when my photo is taken.😁

I like clothes too,seeing clothes on people ,imagining myself  drawing and designing clothes(soon), buying them(mostly thrifting cause I’m consistently broke) and oh, pictures of clothes. Clothes make me happy. 

I like to think of myself as a creative person but really, the thought lasts only 5 seconds or less.

I like meeting and talking to new people but I have major anxiety being outside so it’s impossible to make friends since people these days always want to hangout. 

I’m insecure about alot of things and learning daily to love myself (some days are harder than others). I’m usually second guessing everything I do which is not a very good thing (I’m working on that as well). 

Also, I’m not pro ed or anything(don’t be surprised when that comes up),writing about stuff is my own way of coping . 

If you think you have or you are developing an eating disorder please talk to someone and seek help. 

Thanks for making it this far.Namaste