Lash! Lash! Lash! 
It’s 2am and I can hear the distant sound the belt makes as it kisses the skin. I turn over, I think I’m dreaming. 

Lash! Lash! Lash! 

Now I hear screams too, I sit up and listen out. I run to my brother’s room, see my father standing over him whipping as hard as he can. Immediately I go into defense mode, turn into a human shield and place myself between the belt and my brother. There’s more screaming and tears until it stops.

I can’t say how many times we’ve been here. They say if you stop to count time,the barriers melt and it all becomes one, time remains the same. 

Father must have awoken at 2am as the first stroke reached him; as far he knows he was beaten to be corrected and so when his son errs, he wakes him at 2am with his belt. 

The barrier melted for his son too,he hits his sister. She spent years being a shield from dad’s belt, now she she shields herself from his fists with the same hands that once held him close. 

How many 2am’s till he is beating his son? Or daughter? Or wife? 

Note-Most abusers are descendants of abusers and come from a place of hurt. Please try every single day to not be a perpetrator of any form of abuse,this only creates a long chain of abusers and broken hearts. 

Finally, I write about things that directly or indirectly affect me, but please do not ask if my posts are about me, thanks for reading.